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Buhold Industries Group


Intermodal Tank Containers


The Netherlands, South Africa


1,400 Worldwide


€150 million (2007)

The start of Buhold Industries

Buhold industries is a subsidiary of the privately owned Buhold B.V., the former ultimate holding company of Burg Industries B.V. On June 26th 2007 Burg Industries was acquired by CIMC (China International Marine Containers Group Ltd.). However, the intermodal division of Burg Industries has been excluded from the acquisition and continues under the new name Buhold Industries. It’s subsidiaries are Buhold Intermodal (Sales Office) and manufacturing plant Welfit Oddy.


Buhold Intermodal

Buhold Intermodal is the European Sales Organisation for Intermodal equipment. As such, Buhold Intermodel offers innovative logistical solutions, technical support and repair services. Added value is their goal to offer to costumers as well as their end-users. Buhold Intermodal is located in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands.


Welfit Oddy

For over 115 years Welfit Oddy has been a manufacturer of transport equipment. On January 1st 2000, Welfit Oddy was taken over by Buhold Industries. Welfit Oddy developed into a global leading supplier, producing 30 tank containers a day in various executions. Welfit Oddy is located in Port Elizabeth, South-Africa.


Buhold Industries B.V.

Louis Braillelaan 80

2719 EK Zoetermeer

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 79 7999 588
Fax: +31 (0) 79 7999 555

KvK: Rotterdam nr. 27223463